There has always been a creative bone inside of our of founder that was waiting to burst out. With a background in all things production, she made the decision to receive a bachelor's degree in journalism and advertising from the University of North Texas. Her studies later led her to receive a masters of business administration and marketing from Liberty University. But the true creative in her was unleashed through serving in ministry.


Through her servanthood, her interest in design and passion for photography, DeFlora Media Group, LLC was birthed. Since 2015 she has allowed God to use her to impact lives, non-profit organizations, and businesses by closing the shutter on life's biggest moments and creating brand and marketing solutions that will set anyone apart.

It is her desire that the creative in every person will be unleashed to shine bright for the world to see. 

DeFlora Media Group is a full service group based in Dallas, Texas. DMG was birthed out of a passion and desire to see local and national businesses, nonprofit organizations and individual people soar in the area of creativity. We believe that each individual person has a creative muscle that is just waiting to be exercised. Whether capturing an engagement shoot or constructing a branding plan, at DMG it is our goal and mission to provide creative and eye-catching solutions that will create a "freeze-frame" on life's most memorable moments.

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